I’m a specialist snow sports videographer working with elite athletes and brands to produce social media content. I’m passionate about getting the best shot possible, coming up with ideas that resonate with social media audiences and presenting this content so that it reaches the widest audience possible.

I started filming out of curiosity on my first season in Whistler in 19/20. This lead to working full time for Snowboard Addiction helping them create primarily educational content on multiple platforms. This is where I learned about the power of effective packaging, hooks and content value and how this leads to better performance for social media content.

The following season I worked with Canadian Team Skier, Bruce Oldham to produce lifestyle content for his own personal platforms and his sponsors. I also had the opportunity to film for Megan Oldham’s Triple Cork project at X Games Aspen - still under production.

My Services


Robbie is an expert cameraman for Snowboard & Ski footage and a pleasure to work with. He has produced a ton of content for both Snowboard Addiction and Ski Addiction as well as implemented important changes to our YouTube and TikTok channels that we continue to employ. Highly recommended!

Nev Lapwood

CEO Snowboard Addiction & Ski Addiction

About Nev

Working with TheFlyingEnglishman was a game-changer for my YouTube channel. His editing skills are unmatched, turning ordinary skiing footage into dynamic and engaging content. From start to finish, his professionalism and creativity exceeded my expectations. He has deep understanding of the YouTube algorithm and what it takes to create viral content. If you want your videos to stand out, I highly recommend TheFlyingEnglishman for top-notch editing that takes your content to the next level.

Bruce Oldham

Canadian Team Freestyle Skier

About Bruce

There are thousands of good filmers out there, but not that many that can actually ski. If you are filming followcams in the snowpark you need someone chasing you close on highspeed inruns, floating through the air next to you on 60 foot jumps and still nailing the shot. Robbie is the guy for this kind of a job. + He‘s a nice guy to hang out with :)

Sam Baumgartner

Austrian Team Freestyle Skier

About Sam

Loved filming with Robbie, since he got some great filming skills and always has ideas how to get a better angle every run!

Moritz Boll

Swiss Team Snowboarder

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